Giuseppe Ferraro is the head of the corporate and SME department for Central and South Eastern Europe at one of the leading European Union banking groups. He’s also a published author and blogger.


His first book, Cultivating Greatness: Building Virtues with Benjamin Franklin’s Virtue Journal, is a motivational journal that helps readers become better humans by following Benjamin Franklin’s proven example. In this series, he also wrote From Agony to Bliss: Turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Limitless Success, a book that aims to drive readers out of a limited existence so they can live life fully.

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from SDA Bocconi School of Management, an M.I.T. Sloan Certification in Neuroscience for Business, and a 20+ year career in the investment banking industry, Giuseppe knows what is needed to achieve complex, life-changing goals and how to motivate people to work towards them.

In his career, he has worked in venture capital, private equity, high-yield and loan trading, distressed investments, and leveraged finance. After meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, he noticed that despite their will to achieve more significant results, some only partially succeeded or failed to reach their aims.

While working on transformative deals for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), Giuseppe became fascinated by the factors that determine the success of some and the defeats of others. Determined to find out more, he discovered that — more than anything else — the neuroscience behind human behavior is crucial for continued success. So, he started digging into the subject to find practical solutions to our daily challenges and shares his findings and insights in his books, his blogs, and on Medium.

In Gallup terms, Giuseppe is Futuristic, with a passion for innovation and building new things from scratch. He is also a Developer, seeing the potential in others and looking for the positive in a situation. As a Maximizer, his measure is excellence, not averageness.