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Building Virtues with Benjamin Franklin's Virtue Journal

Benjamin Franklin desired to be a better man, and he accomplished many incredible things through a simple method: the virtue journal.

At the age of twenty, he created a plan for a better life by developing thirteen virtues. Each day, he planned his time to maximize his 24 hours and track his virtues.

This journal enables you to follow in Franklin’s footsteps to achieve greatness, but in a contemporary format.


You will find space to:

  • Self-examine

  • Plan each hour of your day

  • Track your developing virtues

  • Take notes of things to celebrate,

  • and to be grateful for

​Franklin’s virtue journal can help you reach freedom, success, and wealth in your life. It will take you on a transformational journey that can genuinely change the course of your life. It is a powerful tool for self-examination, and Franklin's own success  gives you certainty that this method works. ​

If you are determined to achieve something better than what you currently have in life, this journal is for you. All you need to do is begin, put in the effort each day, and be ready to reap the rewards along the path. Franklin has shown us the way, and greatness is within your reach.