Turn your limiting beliefs into limitless success

Are you dreaming of having a better-paying job but can’t find the way to get it? Do you want a better relationship but seems impossible to achieve? Are you sick of the self-sabotaging beliefs that stop you from living the life you love?


If so, From Agony to Bliss is for you.


Giuseppe Ferraro shows you how to use the way your brain works to your advantage. Thanks to neuroplasticity as well as the right practices, your brain can adapt, learn, and rejuvenate. From Agony To Bliss gives you the tools and strategies to use the power of your brain to overcome your limiting beliefs. This book is a toolbox in which you can find what you need to improve your life.


By following this blueprint you’ll learn how to:

  • achieve immediate benefits in terms of decision-making and daily prioritization;

  • get clarity about your goals and mission in life;

  • progressively get rid of your limiting beliefs and embody new, empowering ones;

  • improve your mental and physical health. Nothing can be achieved without a high level of healthy life.


From Agony To Bliss is a blueprint to reprogram your beliefs, updating the software of your magnificent brain to the current version thanks to easy-to-understand strategies, practical exercises, and downloadable book resources for you to use anytime you need.


You deserve to get all you want from your life. From Agony To Bliss shows you how.